Hire PHP Programmers

PHP is most popular server side scripting language in today’s market. Many companies hire PHP developers who have abundant knowledge in PHP development environment and manage a work within given time. Hire PHP service from Sukrit Infotech can be a good choice because you can get as surety of a good website. Hire PHP programmer from Sukrit Infotech provide great ROI in financial term as well as personal satisfaction. Our developers are very highly skilled at writing programming Scripts as well as computer based system and technologies.

How we help you to hire a PHP programmer?

Hire PHP developers from our company would benefit you by increasing the pricing, productivity, level of quality, every aspect of your business and much more. Our client feels relieved once they hire skillful, experienced and affordable PHP programmers. We provide an affordable PHP development solution which takes your business to the next level.

Hire PHP developers on contract basis from Sukrit Infotech benefit you like budget prediction, complete flexibility, favorable environment, strict working hours, daily and weekly work reporting.

When you…

Hire dedicated PHP developers

Our developer can work with you on contract basis. We ensure that we deliver the best web resources services to the customers according to the customer requirement. Hiring can be benefited to you by increasing your customer’s satisfaction level and customer would be loyal to your organization. They provide daily work updated so it can enable you to see your business progression. We provide most cost effective solution according to your need which can be updated by you on a weekly basis, monthly basis or hourly basis.


Hire web designer

Our web designers are expertise in XHTML/ CSS, HTML5, JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Mootools, YUI, Prototype), Action Script, web template design, re-designing websites and much more. Our designers provide services for website maintenance as well. They have strong communication skills both oral and written. They created and launched successful website with affordable website design services to all over the clients like Small Entrepreneurs, Small and large Scale Industries.


Software developer

IF you hire developer for 6 months, you will be given an additional support duration of a month free. That is, we do not charge anything in addition to the support we provide you for the 1 month free duration time. From this you can get the benefit of daily project updates, ease of communication and quality of programming skill. No matter what your demand is, we grant brilliant support to keep you contented. If your work requires a developer for a month, or even lesser than that, or greater than a month or even greater than 6 months or 1 year can be fulfilled by our proactive and expert professionals.

Do you really want to know what makes our team different than another?

Software development

Our team is unique from others. Here we are revealing some secret :

  • Proper communication channel and well trained professionals.
  • Our skilled developers will help you to model your business and provide quality of work with great level of satisfaction successfully delivery of your business need.
  • Our developers are able to deliver work on time, without any compromise on quality.
  • We accept payments as a whole or you can make every month payments as well. But, we accept payment for each month up front as our professionals has to be paid for the work they commence and start to do.

Our PHP programmer’s skills are:

  • Our PHP programmers have enormous knowledge of LINUX APACHE MY SQL PHP.
  • Knowledge of PHP based frameworks (CakePHP, Zend), template systems (Smarty etc.)
  • Technical skills in Java script libraries like JQuery, Ext JS and prototype JS.
  • HTML/DHTML, Java Script, CSS and AJAX.
  • Open source customization expertise (WordPress, Joomla Magento, Zen Cart, Drupal, osCommerce, xCart etc.)
  • Expertise in PHP development using APIs (PayPal, Authorize.net, USPS, FedEx etc.)

Sukrit Infotech ensures the following when you hire our PHP programmers:

  • Quick and ease of communications
  • Developers shows Daily project updation
  • Work under your specialized vision and concepts
  • Clearly understand your business requirement
  • Provide high skill PHP programmers with cost effective and best quality to our client within the scope of their specific need.
  • No extra or additional expenses.
  • Superior web design and development.
  • 24*7 technical support.

Monthly hire PHP developers rate applicable:

Hourly Hiring
Any Duration
No Minimum Periods of Hiring
No Limit of Time
Billing: Weekly
Hire Now
Part Time Hiring
4 Hours a day & 22 days a month
Total: 80 Hours
Minimum Periods of Hiring: 2 Months
Billing: Monthly
Hire Now
Full Time Hiring
8 Hours a day & 22 days a month
Total: 160 Hours
Minimum Periods of Hiring: 2 Months
Billing: Monthly
Hire Now

Our experts also serve excellent results by providing services on an hourly basis:

  • Hourly rate pricing : 8-14$ per hours depend on the type of work and experience of developers.
  • On time delivery.
  • Quality of work
  • Transparent and timely communication.

******Payment term can be flexible and negotiable according to the client preferences******

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