PPC stands for "pay per click". Pay per Click is an advertising model where businesses pay an agreed upon amount, each time their advertisement is "clicked", and not each time their ad is displayed.

Advertisers typically setup ppc on a PPC network and define how much they are willing to spend for each click-through that they receive.

Advertisers select keywords, keyword phrases, keyword groups, or categories in which they want their advertisements to appear.

Advertisers willing to spend the most money for a relevant advertisement will generally be listed first. *Google's PPC ranking system assesses CPC (cost per click), ad relevance, click through rate, and daily budget, so the order on which the ads appear is based on a number of factors.

pay per click
pay per click

Benefits to PPC

When you setup a PPC campaign you can control the traffic. While a new website takes time to rank well in search engines, with PPC you can turn the traffic on and off. With PPC you can create almost instant traffic

Unlike organic search listings you control the information (i.e. description) and where the visitor is directed on your website.

Another benefit to PPC listings is the opportunities for international exposure. Organic search listings vary in different geographical regions. With PPC you control where you are seen.

Tracking PPC

In order to determine how effective a PPC campaign is, it is important to implement tracking. Just because an advertisement has a high number of click through does not mean it is the best ad. It is easy to get users to click on "Free Software" but few of those clicks will convert to sales.

pay per click tracking
Packages Activities Gold Platinum Diamond
Minimum Contract Duration 3 months 3 months 3 months
Campaign Setup
Networks (Google Ad words, Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook, LinkedIn) Any 1 Any 1 Any 1
Keyword Research
No. of Keywords Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Competitor Research
Account Setup
Tracking Code Setup
Campaign Management
Different keyword match typing & optimization
Ad Copy Optimization
Keyword Bid Optimization
ROI Analysis
Landing Page Optimization Consultation Design & Consultation Design & Consultation
A/B testing
Budget Management
Bid Management
Geo Targeting
Day Parting
Local Search Campaigns
Ad Group Monitoring
Traffic Statistics
Funnel Tracking
Conversion Tracking
ROI Management
Goal Conversions
Click Fraud Support
Reporting & Support
Report Weekly Weekly Weekly
Advanced Reports
Dedicated Account Manager
Support Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone
Note: Service Tax will be applicable @ 14.50% additionally