Products of any business can attract the customers but the sale process is completed when other services like payment mode is successfully happened. Sukrit Infotech provides payment gateway transaction service which made through credit card, e – checks and other payment mode. Payment gateway managing your online transaction. We help you to find the right payment gateway package and suggest you best payment package so that your online shop is as easy as the major e-Commerce sites you will find on the web. A simple way to understand is when you go to your grocery store and pass your credit card through the machine. We allow our online customers to make payments online and pay with their credit cards or checks right on their website.

We provide facilities like user can make their payment through the certain attributes like amount, currency and some other attributes being required by the gateway. We also provide some other facilities like flexibility, easy installation, real time payment and quick process of the transaction. We provide credit card processing, billing, reporting and settlement and operational services to our customers, we manages the process of transferring authorized and captured credit card funds between different financial accounts. Our Payment Solution is fully flexible to handle the many of transactions in a secured environment, processing and transmitting the data quickly. Payment should be made within 12 days from receipt of order.

Online payment has two options: credit card facility – in which we accepts the following credit card like E- card, American express, Master card. And the second option is online bank account – Which means that a customer can use his bank account for making any transactions. We support HDFC bank, ICICI customers. On commencement of the account the provider must retain the first 1000/- as a minimum balance requirement for keeping your account in live mode, in the same way as a bank account operates.

Our motive is that can be used credit card transaction when accepting online order from client.

Payment Gateway

Our provided services are:

  • Wide coverage on Visa and MasterCard.
  • Fraud detection by the fraud monitoring facilities.
  • Easy operation and management
  • Multiple currency handler
  • Highest level of security for making a transaction.

There are some factors for choosing our payment gateway:

  • Reliability
  • Setup Cost
  • Per transaction rate
  • Annual software maintenance cost
  • Easy in integration
  • Easy to use

Sukrit Infotech provides a different process of payment of transaction – PayPal, 2Check Out,, HDFC bank, Axis bank,ICICI bank, VeriSign


PayPal is most essential site for the e- commerce and selling their product and services. Pricing of the PayPal is:
  • Set up fee – free
  • Annual software maintenance cost – free
  • Transaction fee – 2.9% +$30

HDFC bank

When a business man receives payment through this route he gets Rs 96/- for every Rs 100/- worth of per transaction. Pricing of HDFC bank is:
  • set up fee – 50000
  • Annual maintenance fee – 12000
  • Transaction cost – 3.5 – 6%
HDFC Bank is identify fraudulent transaction before products ship. It is basically used for fraud prevention.
  • Monthly fee - $20
  • Annual maintenance fee - $99
  • Transaction fee - $0.10


Operated by a third-party provider, this process of payments provides an interface between your e-commerce site and the financial processing system.
  • Monthly fee - $59.95
  • Annual maintenance fee - $249
  • Transaction fee - $10

ICICI bank

when a business man receives payment through this route he gets Rs 96 to Rs 100/- worth of per transaction. ICICI bank accepts payment in both modes through online banking and through credit card.
  • Set up fee – Rs 30000
  • Annual maintenance fee – Rs 10000
  • Transaction cost – 3 – 3.5%

2Check Out

It offers credit card processing compatible with multiple currency and language, it can be utilized in many parts of the world.
  • Set up fee – $10.99
  • Annual maintenance fee – free
  • Transaction fee - 3.99% + $0.45
2CO Checkout


This payment gateway of transaction in India Rupees as well as accepting credit cards with foreign currencies. All international and Indian credit card are processed by CCavenue. Pricing of CCavenue is:
CC Avenue
Product / Plans Upfront Fees Annual Software Maintenance Cost Transaction costs (Credit / Debit Cards)
Privilege Scheme Rs. 40,000/- Rs. 3,600/- 3.00%
Premium Scheme Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 2,400/- 5.00%
Economy Scheme Rs. 7,500/- Rs. 1,200/- 7.00 %