12 Best Practice to Perfectly Optimizing Any Content

How to optimize any content for better ranking

Content is the most important part of any website. SEO is the process of optimizing internet web pages and their content to be without difficulty discoverable by way of users attempting to find keywords applicable or relevant to your internet website. Search Engine Optimization is also the process of optimizing and making web page easier in such way that search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can find, scan and index your website.

  • Content Length
  • Use of Keyword
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing
  • Freely Use Keyword
  • Title & Headlines
  • Meta Description
  • Heading Tag, H1 to H6
  • Use Italics, Bolds & Bullets
  • Internal Links
  • Images Optimizations
  • Process of Image Optimization
  • URL/Permalink

1. Content Length:-

Actually, Google always appreciates the long, informative and readable content. So you should have to keep it in mind that always try to use the simple word in content and content length must be minimum of one thousand words.

2. Use of Keywords:-

Always try to keep your keywords in first 1hundred words in the content body, which help you to rankings. Google always appreciate it.

3. Avoid Keyword Stuffing:-

Keywords stuffing must be avoided. If Google understands that you have keyword too much in your content, you can get rank in search engine rank page (SERP).

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4. Freely Use Keywords:-

Although Google does not support the use of keywords freely, however, it is already proved that you can use your keyword freely in content, if you think, without using too much keyword your content will not be focused.

Example of Freely Use Keyword: – Are you looking for cheap running shoes? If you are looking for it, look no further. Our cheap running shoes website is the best place to order your new inexpensive effective shoes. Feel free to check and choose it from our selection below.

5. Title & Headlines:-

Title length must be 50-55 plus character and always remember that it should not be more than 65 characters. You can count character by using any free tools available on the internet. You can count characters by Ezlocal, Just Google it. Even if you are not the copywriter, it won’t hurt to learn some copywriting. Having good headlines will have both a direct and indirect impact on your ranking; your title, to an extent, tells search engines that your content is relevant, and it also influences whether search engine user clicks over to your site. You will be on top eventually.

How to write perfect meta title

How to write meta title of perfect length

6. Meta Description: –

Meta Description must be 155 characters, always remember that do not over 155 characters. Meta description still directly impact on search engine ranking factor and help you to get more traffic. Improving your Meta description will improve your click-through rates and ranking as a result.

example of bad meta description

Example of Bad Meta description.
Example of Good & Bad meta description

Example of Good and Bad Meta description.

7. Heading Tag, H1 to H6:-

Besides the fact that heading breaks your content down and make it more appealing, to an extent, search engines still use them as a ranking factor. Better to use H1 to H3. Use your keywords in subheading or h2. It is best SEO practices.

8. Use of Italics, Bolds and Bullets:-

This all boils down to the user experience. Nobody loves to read the huge block of texts that are not broken down. Keep things simple and easy to read by using italics, bolds, and bullets to break down your content. This will lead to a lower bounce rate and improved search traffic.

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Cheap Running Shoes

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9. Internal Links:-

Again, the idea is to get people to spend more time reading your content on your site. Internal link solves this problem.

how to use backlink for better ranking

Links are very important in content optimization.You need both internal and external link

10. Image Optimization:-

We will have to make reference to Backlinko study here again; it will show that image does affect search engine ranking, but you do not have to litter your content with images. The study revealed that, as long as you use an image, it does not really matter whether your content has one to ten images. Images must be unique and relevant to your content. If so, it helps to rank.

11. Process of Image Optimization: –

Images must be unique and relevant to your content. Always remember that images name, ALT text, Caption must be your keywords and images description are essential.

how to optimize alt tag in wordpress

12. URL/Permalink:-

URL or permalinks structure must be root domain/post title. Before published post must be changed URL or permalink that help rankings. According to the Backlinko study referenced, shorter URLs tend to rank better than long URLs. Make sure your URL is descriptive and hints at what your content is about. Also, make sure that your URL is not too long.


If your website is not performing the way you think that it should then you probably need to follow these steps.If you do not have knowledge of how to follow and implement these simple steps then you can hire search engine optimization company India who can implement these steps in order to performing your website well.