12 SEO Tips and Tricks for 2018

12 SEO Tips and Tricks for 2018

If your website is not performing the way you think that it should then you probably need to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Here are 12 tips that can get you to page 1 if followed correctly.

  • Is your website mobile friendly?

Google prefers websites that pass their mobile-friendly test since it provides a better overall experience for their search engine users. Pause and Google “Google Mobile-Friendly Tool”, or check the link in the description, or go to below mentioned link and check whether your website is mobile friendly or not.


  • Does your website load quickly?
  • Google prefers websites that load quickly for the same reason as they prefer mobile-friendly websites- user experience. Google sinks or swims on whether we like using them to search. Pause and go to the below- mentioned link and check the speed of your website:


  • Are you listed in the top 100 local business directories?
  • Google loves businesses that are listed in many of the top local business directories. The reasons are two-fold:

    1. First, a business that has taken the time to list themselves appears like a business that will be around for the long haul.

    2. Second, these directories can send traffic to your website, and Google likes at referrals traffic when determining rankings.

    The top 30 local directories receive 150 million visitors each month.

  • Are you set up on the most important social media accounts?
  • Google loves websites listed on the top social media networks because:
    1. First, these businesses appear to be more brands aware and Google loves brands.
    2. Second, these social media platforms can again send traffic to your websites.
    3. Plus, being listed on these websites makes your business much easier to be shared and recommended amongst your customers and their friends.

  • Are you aware of what your competitors are doing online for ranking?
  • Knowing what your competitors are doing online to getting rank and what they are spending. What keywords they are focusing and the efforts that they are taking can generally be tracked with decent accuracy using online tools.
    https://www.semrush.com/ will give you great insight into your competitors and it is the great way to see what search terms are sending them customers or visitors.

    Analyze those businesses whose positions you would like to be in, and notice who is crushing it in your marketplace.

  • Is your website optimized properly?
  • Figure out the keywords (i.e. the words people search for) that you would like to show up for. Head to Google and do a search for those keywords and look at the page 1 result (the first 10).
    Blue text= title tag; see how many of them have the keywords in the title tag and check your website, do you have it there? There is the number of these “on page SEO” factors that Google loves websites to have, the title tag is considered the most important. Read up on heading tag, Meta Tag and “Keyword Density” for additional help.
    Note: Just smearing keywords on your page is not enough, because Google is semantic (i.e. smart) and views that as spam.

  • Is your content information easily found?
  • Is your phone number in a prominent position on the page? People do not want to have to dig for it. Make sure your number is clearly visible, in a font size that is easy to read, a color that makes it sound out and with click-to-call HTML coding to make sure mobile users can just press the button to call you. Have a contact us page with your company name, address, phone number and links of your social media profile like Facebook and Google+.

  • Video! Do you have a video embedded on your websites?
  • First, visitors watch the video –that is just a fact. Having a video keeps them on page longer. Google uses the length of time on page to work out how good your websites is compared to others. Having a demo of the product, a welcome message from the owner or an explainer style video will keep people from bouncing quickly. This increases Google’s overall understands of your relevance to their searches.

  • Are you listed on free ad sites?
  • Craiglist, Backpage etc have lots of visitors searching for local services providers, so list your site there and take advantage of that free traffic. You can get free referrals traffic which Google loves.

  • Do you have about us page?
  • Introduce your business properly to your website visitors with a well-written page or video that builds rapport and convert them into customers.

  • Are you showing testimonial on your website? How do you look compared to your competitors in search engine?
  • 92% of customers today read online reviews for the local business. 97% of the up-and-coming generation’s 18-34-year-olds do too. That is essential for everyone. That is how we all search for everything from a new pair of shoes to a new plumber or dentist. Testimonial and/or reviews on your website will improve your business’s chance of making a sale and keep visitors on your website for longer, as they read or watch them.

  • Do other websites link to yours?
  • This is really important when it comes to SEO. Websites linking to yours is like a vote of confidence in your website, a digital thumbs-up. Google likes website with links because it generally means they are popular and relevant to the searcher. However not all links are equal, and more is not always better, especially if they built very artificially. Websites like ahrefs.com can show you your link profile and that of your competitors, so you can see what they have been doing to get their website out there. Building the same kinds of links can help you “Catch Up”.


    Mobile friendly, quick loading, listed in local directories, top networking sites and properly optimized with embedded video and testimonial, having a clear “contact us” and “about us” page and having great backlinks. These are the bare minimum, but of course, SEO can go deeper, like having regularly posted, relevant content, high trust flow, low citation flow, high domain, and page authority, being panda and penguin compliant, using schema markup, and more. Now add up 1 point for each of the above that you have got knocked out of the park. What is your score? How many out of 12 did you just score? Need help? We can help you fix any or all of these issues unless you want to do it yourself. You can hire our digital marketing services India in order to get solved all of these issues. Ranking clients on the first page of Google using the method listed above are tried and tested.


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