5 benefits of Virtual Reality for your business.

5 benefits of Virtual Reality for your business.

Applications of Virtual Reality System(VR) have been increasing over the last couple of years due to its usefulness in many sectors. There is no standard definition of virtual reality. Virtual reality or augmented reality is computer generated artificial environment that replicates a realistic experience to the user. The artificial environment created by virtual reality or augmented reality can be similar to the real in order to reproduce the lifelike experience. Virtual reality environment can be divided into two categories.
1. The simulation of the real environment.
2. The development of an imagined environment.

Types of Virtual Reality System:-

Virtual Reality System can be categorized on basis of the immersion which is one of the important features of virtual reality and interface used in the system. On the basis of immersion and interface, virtual reality can be categorized into three parts.
1. Non-immersive virtual reality system: – As the name suggests that non-immersive virtual reality system is least immersive and expensive virtual reality system. It is also known as Desktop Virtual Reality System, Window on World or Fish Tank. The Non Immersive Virtual Reality System does not need the highest level of graphics performance and the special type of hardware. It can be implemented on high specification pc clone. Due to the least sophisticated system or interface, it can be regarded as lowest cost Virtual Reality system which can be outperformed by the more sophisticated implementation of Virtual Reality System.

2. Immersive Virtual Reality system: – Immersive Virtual Reality System is the most expensive and it provides the highest level of immersion. The Immersive Virtual Reality System provides the most realistic experience of the virtual environment to users. Components of immersion Virtual Reality System are tracking devices, the head-mounted display (HMD), data gloves and others which embody the user with computer generated 3-d animation that provides the user the feeling of being part of the virtual environment. One of the applications of Immersive Reality System is in the domain of architectural design and building design; virtual environments are adopted by implementing Immersion Virtual Reality System to assisting architects and building engineers to beautify the layout process thru assimilating their sense of scale, depth, and spatial awareness.

3. Semi-immersive virtual reality system: – Semi Immersive Virtual Reality System is also known as the hybrid system and it provides the high level of immersion. It is relatively new virtual reality technique. It comprises high-performance graphics system which can be embedded with either:
1. A large screen projector system
2. A large screen monitor
3. Multiple television projection systems

Components of Virtual Reality System:-

A Virtual Reality machine is made up of two primary subsystems, the hardware, and software program. The hardware can be in addition, divided into the desktop or Virtual Reality engine and input/output, at the same time as the software can be divided into application software and database as illustrated under.

Componenents of VR System

Benefit Of Using Virtual Reality System:-

1. Virtual Environment:-

One of the most important applications of Immersion Virtual System is in the domain of architectural design and building design. It allows architect and building engineers to experience their creation virtually before they are built in real. So by using Immersion Virtual System architect and building engineers can enhance and beautify their building design and layout.

2. Convenience:-

It is another benefit of Virtual Reality system. In e-commerce industry one of the major purposes of using Virtual Reality Technique is to bring the real shopping experience to customers without physically going to e-commerce store. Thus it allows users to save time and money. According to data 445 million business travels takes place each year and it costs $251 billion but with the help of Virtual Reality technique a manager can conduct a virtual face to face meeting without traveling and leaving the office. Thus Virtual Reality also allows companies to save time and money by reducing travel time and cost. It also makes work more convenient for companies. Architects would not have to travel for completing their project and making their decisions. They can use Virtual Reality in order to evaluate design from any parts of the world.

3. Recruitment Process:-

Virtual Reality System can be used by the HR manager to recruit the people. Virtual Reality system allows HR manager to interview the people face to face in virtual conference room. With the help of virtual reality system HR manager can see the reaction and body language of candidate live.

4. Training process:-

Virtual Reality technique can be also used for training and it also helps in increasing the efficiency of training. It especially can be used by soldiers to provide training in remote areas, snowy or remote environment without leaving their actual place.

5. The Virtual Office:-

The potential use of Virtual Realty System may also soon transcend all industries and grow to be ubiquitous in all offices. It means that Virtual Reality headsets can flip the computer into an area where employees can enter virtually.


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