6 WordPress Trends that may impact your website in 2018

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Web Designing and Web Development is one of the trendiest topics now days. Every second person seeks to learn web designing and web development because of the massive demand within the market. Technology and new trends up to date each day and everyday new technology comes in the field of Web Designing and Web Development.

There are so many open source tools and software are available now that makes programmer task very easy. The person who is novice in coding but has passion for web designing and web development can also develop a better website. WordPress, Wix and many more open source tools are available to create an internet website with drag and drop idea.
If we talk only about the WordPress, then it is very powerful open source tools for Web Designing and Web Development that is written in PHP. It’s the best website and blogging content management tool. Web development service in Delhi becomes an easy task because of this tools.

Responsiveness of website

Responsive feature of a website is essential for any a successful business. Mobile users are higher than the computer users and most web sites open up through mobile. It lets you to make mobile-responsive website or blogs. There are so many mobile-first subject matters which are completely responsive and supported by all mobile platforms. Use elegance and attractive theme update the user interface on your website and make it mobile friendly.

Drag and Drop Concept

This concept made web development an easy task. You could easily drag and drop the files, picture in your website. It lets you to retain complete control over most layout elements without interrupting the whole inner structure. This made editing and modification an easy task. With this excellent concept, it made web development very easy even for novice coders or non-coders also. It offers developers a flexibility and feasibility to make tremendous layouts in less time.

Parallax or Scrolling Design

This concept helps in making a single page website more powerful and responsive. Parallax or scrolling is very popular and almost every second website uses this idea. It creates an immersive impression of depth. If this concept makes use of nicely at the website then your website will get recognition easily. Before implementation, learn whole concept of implementing this.

Best Video Headers

Some of the WordPress themes simply let user to edit a video header. Video headers let you to upload photos with decorative motion. Additionally, with headers, it’s easy to add video to your WordPress websites with using of plug-in. Video headers or video background is an old idea for the web developers but in WordPress, it’s miles a new trend. Web developers are seeking to undertake this new trend to attract more traffic on their websites.

Elegant E-Commerce Themes

Most of the websites which are developed by means of WordPress are based on E-commerce. It is one of the effective trends which may also use on a large scale in near future. This trend provides a boom to E-commerce industry. The woo commerce application made the development of websites very easy task. Woo-commerce is a free plug-in which is used for e-commerce websites. There are so many other traits used in wordpress website development services consisting of static website, use of images, use of VR optimized themes and lots more. It is one of the most famous content management tools; it provides lots of existing feature in the field of web development. Nowdays, demands of the web developers and web designers are on large scale.

Bold Fonts and Large Typography

Big, bold typography has been a trend across the web for a while. We already talked a lot about it in web design traits 2017.
Thanks to the growing number of freely available custom fonts as well as upgrades in device capabilities, websites can now get away with large letters. Paired with adequate white space, this makes for easy reading and skimming.
Additionally, since pretty much all browsers now support TrueType/OpenType fonts, companies can use their own typefaces for their website and don’t have to depend on what is available elsewhere. Anticipate web developers to take benefit of this even more in the forthcoming year, particularly to replace images. Due to the fact that fonts are light-weight and scalable, they can help you make a visual statement without forcing a browser to download larger photos.



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