8 Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2018

8 web development trends you may expect in 2018.

Trends in Web development technology has been changing constantly. Sometimes it changes faster than they can be implemented. That is why it is important for you to always stay ahead of the game. User expectations are growing day by day and it is more important than ever to provide user experience and content those are engaging, fun and intuitive and contents need to be accessible from everywhere, in real time and on all types of screen. Web technology is changing at high-speed so we should always focus on trends that will come in future. Here we are going to discuss some web technology prediction that will be trends in web development for future .So if you are thinking about to build a website for your business or redesign your website you must aware of them.

1. Progressive web apps:-

Progressive web apps are the user experience that combines best features of the apps and the best of the web. It is the web application that is regular websites or web pages, however, can seem to the user like the mobile application or local mobile programs. The application type tries to combine functions offered by most contemporary browsers with the benefit of a mobile browsing experience. The benefits of progressive web apps are:

  • Reliable: – Load promptly and will be not able to see the downasaur (When you use Google Chrome and your internet connectivity dies, you may see a little Tyrannosaurus. this is referred to as the ‘downasaur’.) even in uncertain network situations.
  • Fast Response: – Response promptly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and without scrolling.
  • Engaging: – Get the combined benefits offered by the modern web browser and native mobile application, with an excellent user experience.

progressive web application

2 One-page websites:-

One page is websites are getting popular nowadays. The one-page website is simply a website with single page build using HTML. When the user clicks on Menu or navigation links, the user scrolls down or jumps to the particular section of content. The one-page website may use JavaScript, Angular JavaScript, Cascading Stylesheet and JQuery to accomplish this movement. The major benefit is one-page website is it provides less complicated navigation.

The benefits of the single-page website over multi-page website:-

  • It provides less complicated navigation.
  • It improves user engagement.
  • Single-page website is ideal for the mobile device.
  • Single-page website is affordable.
  • Easy to control the flow of information.

one page or single page website

3. User Interfaces in Motion:-

The user interface is the most important part of any website. Even the best design is worthless if it is not user-friendly and visitors to your website are not able to find what they are looking for. From the user interface point of view, animation continues to play an important role in improving user experience, in addition to adding a powerful option for visual storytelling. Motion design helps you to create the excellent and pleasant user interface. Motion design provides wide ranges of customization option to developers for building a website with the excellent and pleasant user experience.

User Interface in Motion

4. The Release of Flash:-

Flash was something very exciting for websites: it allowed web developers to feature animations. it has been used appreciably for years, but it is now something that everyone needs to try to remove. Adobe announced recently that Flash will no longer be updated or launched after 2020. In addition, it’s far incompatible with mobiles. Instead of losing your customers, especially at the mobile version of your website, you should update Flash with HTML5 that is quickly turning into the conventional format on the internet.

5. Voice search optimization:-

Voice search is trending now and there is no indication that it is going to slow down soon. According to the report by 2020, approximately more than 50% search queries will be performed by voice instead of text. However, it is not completely replacing the text search queries but is becoming an important part of search queries on all types of device. Here are some quick statistics about voice search.

    • It is predicted that by 2020, 50% of searches will be done by voice.
    • According to data it is estimated that by 2050 there will be approximately 21 million smart speakers in the United State of America.
    • According to the report by 2019 voice recognition market will be of $601 million.
    • There are currently one billion searches performed by voice per month.
    • Google voice search queries in 2016 increased by 35% than the searches performed by voice in 2008.
    • Currently 55% teens and 40% adults use voice for the search query on daily basis.
    • 19% people use Siri (Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant) at least once a day.
    • Cortana (voice-controlled virtual assistant for Microsoft Windows Phone) has now 133 million users.

voice search statistics

6. Chatbots & Customer support:-

Being connected with the customer and respond them quickly is more important than ever. Chatbots are going to play a critical role in the success of any business. It provides support to the customer. A chatbot is computer software which interacts with customer through written or oral conversation. Through chatbots you can interact with your customer at any time on the daily basis without maintaining a separate department for customer support.

chatbot customer support

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages and Load Speed:-

According to the report even one second delay in page loading may lead to $1.6 billion in annual losses for e-commerce companies as big as Amazon. Approximately 74 % mobile customers abandon a webpage if it takes more than 5 second to load and 40 % mobile customers leave a website if it takes more than 3 second to load. The ideal time for any website to load is one second.

bounace rate graph of slow loading website
Page abandonment rate vs. page load time in second.

Google developed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to encourage business owners to build websites that load instantly and work smoothly on mobile device. As people are increasingly accessing websites with their mobile device and 40 % of mobile customers leave the websites that take more than 3 second to load, so AMP can be a good choice for business owners.

amp vs mobile responsive website
Amp vs mobile responsive version

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is an open source project from Google and Twitter designed to make certainly fast mobile pages. It accomplishes this through proscribing the CSS and JavaScript code that a webpage loads. The purpose of a Google AMP page is to deliver the essence of a webpage, even as minimizing the bloat that regularly slows down a web page. Now let’s have a look on speed test of both version of the Guardian.

speed test of Guardian mobile responsive website
Speed test of mobile responsive version of Guardian
speed test of Guardian AMP enabled website

Speed test of AMP mobile version of Guardian.

8.Artificial Intelligence (AI):-

In 2018 robots and artificial intelligence are going to play big roles .This is a sort of “deep learning” that permits machines to process information for themselves on a very on a very sophisticated stage, allowing them to carry out complex functions like facial recognition. Big data is accelerating up the Artificial intelligence system, and we may be seeing more integration of AI technology in our everyday lives notably soon. At the same time as a whole lot of this technology continues to be fairly rudimentary in the interim, we will anticipate sophisticated AI to at some point significantly affect our everyday lives.

future of artificial intelligence


These are some web development trends we can predict in 2018. You can get benefit of any trends by simply hiring web development agency India.



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