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Advance SEO strategy for Landing Page Optimization

Advance SEO Tips for landing Page

I am targeting a keyword “SEO Strategy” for my page and I want to rank my page for this keyword. When someone searches keyword “SEO strategy” in Google search, I want my landing page to appear in the result. Now I will show you how to optimize the landing page for this keyword “SEO strategy”.

1. SEO Friendly URL:-

For example, my domain name is, so my landing page should be because here I am targeting the keyword “SEO strategy”.
You should avoid making ugly URLs such as


  • Keep URL short-Shorter URL is better, search engine friendly and user-friendly. Google consider your first 3-5 words in URL.
  • Try to put your keyword as the first word of URL, it will be good

Start Page Title with Keyword:-

Now next step is creating Meta Title for your landing page. Start Meta title with your targeted keyword. It is the most important part. Here we are targeting keyword “SEO strategy”. So our page Meta Title would be something like this.

SEO Strategy : Advance Landing Page Optimization Technique


SEO Strategy : Advance On-Page SEO Optimization Technique


SEO Strategy : Best On-Page SEO Optimization Guide

3. Add Modifiers in Title:-

Modifiers are the words that people add to their targeted keywords for increasing visibility criteria in search engine result page. It consists of adjectives, materials, slang, shopping phrases, verbs, questions and anything else that might bring returned a relevant result. You can use one modifier for more widespread queries or combine them to make lengthy tail keyword terms.

For Example:-

Adjective Modifiers: – Best, Top, Find, Reviews, 2018, Guide

Color &Style Modifiers: – Brand Names

Question Modifiers for SEO: – How to write a blog in WordPress?
Which is the Best Tourist Place in India?

Product Specific Modifiers: – Model Number, Price, SKU Codes.

4. Add keywords in Heading Tag:-

If you are writing a blog then put your blog title in the h1 tag. Here we can put title “SEO Strategy: Advance On-Page SEO Techniques” in the h1 tag for the better rank.

5. Add Secondary Keywords in H2:-

Put secondary keywords in subheading or h2 tag. Here we are targeting keyword “SEO strategy” so in case our secondary keywords are “SEO Tips” and “SEO Techniques”. Here we can put secondary keywords “SEO Tips” and SEO Techniques in subheading or h2 tag.

6.Keywords Rich Content:-

Always try to place your primary keywords in first 100 words. Keywords rich content helps Google to understand what your page is all about.

  • Keyword Density: –Keyword density is percentage of your targeted keywords found in indexable content on your webpage. It should be not more than 2.5%. For better result, we should include adding targeted keywords in Meta Title, Meta Description, URL, H1 tag and content body.

  • Keywords Frequency: –Keyword frequency is the number of times targeted keywords repeat on websites. Website ranking is proportional to the number of times keywords or keywords phrases found on the web page but we should avoid keywords stuffing.

  • Keyword Proximity: –In simple words keywords proximity indicates how close your targeted keywords are to each other. You will gain better ranking in search engine ranking pages if you put your keywords close together.

7. Use LSI Keywords:-

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are synonyms keywords that Google uses as relevancy of your page. For example here my targeted keyword is SEO Strategy so LSI keywords will be SEO technique and SEO Tips.

8. Responsive Design:-

Responsive design is very important for getting better rank. Press F12 keyword if you are using Google Chrome and press Ctrl+Shift+M if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

9. Use Social Sharing Icon:-

Using social sharing icons on your page will make your visitors easy to share your content.

.10. Use Internal Links:-

Using internal links are very important. It redirect user to another webpage of the same website. Use descriptive keywords in anchor text that give a sense of the topic or keywords the source page is trying to target.

11. Image Optimization:-

Use alt tag to optimize image. You can use targeted keyword in alt tag of your images. Alt tag will help search engine to know about your image.

12. Website Speed:-

Site speed is one of the most important ranking factors. Google gives more weight to your page if your site speed is better.


You need to follow these simple SEO strategy in order to optimize your landing page.If you have no knowledge how to implement these steps for optimization of your landing page then you can hire search engine optimization company in India who can implement these steps in order to optimize your landing page and website.