Advanced On Page SEO Checklist 2018

Advance SEO guidelines 2018

Search engine optimization is an important and integral part of digital marketing.If your website is preventing you to achieve your business goal then you probably need search engine optimization services.Here are the top on page Search engine optimization checklist you can follow in 2018.
1. Responsive Design
2. Content Length
3. Title Tag
4. Heading Tag
5. Sub Heading
6. Add Modifiers
7. Put your keywords in first 100 words
8. Avoid Keywords Stuffing
9. URL/Permalink Structure
10. Meta Description
11. Image Optimization.
12. Image ALT tag.
13. Internal Linking.
14. Use Sprinkle LSI Keyword.
15. Use social Share Button
16. Boost website speed.

Responsive Design:-

  • Google already started penalizing mobile unfriendly website.
  • Your website must be mobile friendly.

Content Length:-

  • Google always support informative and long content. Content length must be 1000 words and it should be informative otherwise bounce rate of your website may increase. When you write content, avoid grammatical mistake and use simple word.

Meta Title:-

  • Start Meta title with keyword.
  • Meta Title must be meaningful and attractive.
  • Meta Title length should be 50-55 characters and 450-480 pixels.
  • Do not use duplicate Meta title. Write unique title for every page.
  • You can check length of title by using online tools.

Heading Tag:-

  • Put keyword in heading tag i.e. h1 tag. It is very important factor and affects on site SEO. Use heading tag from h1 to h3.
  • Title must be inside h1 tag.

Subheading Tag:-

  • At least one subheading tag must be used in content.
  • Put secondary keyword inside h2 tag.

Add Modifiers:-

  • Adding modifiers to your title like“2018”,”best”,”guide”,”review” and “top” help you rank for your targeted long tail keyword.

Put your keywords in first 100 words:-

  • Your targeted keywords must be inside first 100 words of your content.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing:-

  • Keyword stuffing is excessive use of targeted keywords inside your content. It must be avoided in order to get better ranking.

URL/Permalink structure:-

  • Page URL can get extra attention by both search engine and users.
  • Make sure you put targeted keywords in URL.
  • Avoid lengthy URL.
  • Always try to make it within 25 characters.
  • Avoid use of excessive forward slash (/).
  • Change your permalink before publishing it.

Meta Description:-

Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanation of the contents of web pages. Meta descriptions are commonly used on search engine result pages (SERPS) to display preview snippet for a given page.

Guidelines for Meta Description:-

  • It is short description about your web page content.
  • Recommended length is 155 characters. Always try to write Meta description under 155 characters.
  • Try to write unique and attractive Meta description for every page.
  • Try to put your targeted keyword in beginning.

Image optimization:-

Image optimization is one of the most important factors in case of on page SEO and image relevancy is important when it comes to image optimization.

  • Image must be unique and compressed.
  • Image name must be relevant.

Image ALT optimization:-

  • Optimize ALT tag of image and try to put your targeted keyword inside ALT tag of image.

Internal Linking:-

  • Internal links are the hyperlink that targets the internal page of same domain.
  • Add 2 to 3 internal links to every post.

Use Sprinkle Keywords:-

  • LSI keywords are the synonym that that Google use to determine the relevancy of the page. LSI keywords must be used in content.

Use Social Share Buttons:-

  • Social sharing may not play direct role in ranking of your website but social media sharing generates more eyeballs on your content and social sharing button can help you to reach the broader audience.

Boost Website Speed:-

  • Google has stated that website speed is considered as a major factor in ranking. If your website speed is low, it may hurt your ranking.


These are some simple steps you need to follow in order to achieve your business goal.If you are unable to do it by your self then you can hire search engine optimization company who can help you to fix these issues.



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