Benefits of using chatbots for your e-commerce business.


Chats bots are going to play a big role in success of e-commerce business. Chatbots have been on the rise and widely adopted by e-commerce industry. The aim of using chatbots is to provide support and scale business teams in their relations with customers. Using chatbots can save a lot of time and money that is why it is widely adopted by the business group. Chatsbots can be placed easily in chat application like Facebook Messenger or on your business website makes you enable to engage with a bigger audience. Currently chatbots are widely used as part of instant messaging apps like WeChat and Facebook Messenger. Chatbots are providing a new way for businesses to interact with their customers and whole world by the help of exploding popularity of messaging apps since number of active users on instant messaging apps platform have already surpassed the number of active users on social networks.

Messenger & Social media user data

What is a Chatbot and why it is a big deal for e-commerce industry?

A chatbots are the computer program which interacts with the audience through auditory or textual interface. The approaches are to followed in building chatsbots can be divided in two parts.
1 .Understanding the audience’s intent.
2. Providing the correct answer.
The process of designing, building testing and deployment can be done using cloud based development platform. These cloud based platforms are responsible for providing Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mobile Backend a service for development of a chatbots.
In nutshell a chatbot is computer program or service that interacts with user just like a real person.
Let’s take a glance at top 8 benefits of using chatbot and how they can contribute in growth of your business.

Top 8 Benefits of using chatbot:-

1. Better customer support:-

According to report approximately 83% customers need help during online shopping and your customers may ask for help during online shopping regarding product details or budget any time. A Chatbot is responsible for interacting with users that are looking online for the product that you sell. Chatbot interacts with potential customers just like real person and it also enables customers to ask question and provides answers. Chatbot can improve customer support in many ways. Chatbots are responsible for extensive customer support, proactive customer interaction and it is also responsible for 24*7 customer supports.

2. Strong social Media platform presence:-

Better engagement is one of the most important reasons behind the hiring of a social media optimization expert. A strong presence on social media platforms help to engage and interact with potential customers. Engagement with bigger audience is necessary for any e-commerce business in order to increase sales. Being on different social media platform like Facebook & Instagram is necessary for building a strong relationship with potential customers. It also helps in engaging with bigger audience. So the best way to engage with customers on social media through chatbot marketing. Chatbot can provide information and guide all customers on single platforms. So make sure you are interacting with your customers on social media through chatbot because without social media any marketing strategy remains incomplete.

3. Monitoring & analyzing consumer data:-

Chatbots are designed and built in such a way that it can understand user’s intention and behavior. As mentioned above chatbot is great tool to communicate with customers and with the feedback of customers you can improve your services and product and optimize your website in order to perform well. Chatbots can also used as tracking tools to track user behavior & purchasing pattern by monitoring data they provide.
In other words companies can track & monitor the commands and responses of users in order to predict the responses based on the user language and command the bots to provide a different or more suitable product to the customer, besides this chatbot can also inform sales team in order to provide personalized services.
4. Easier to make global identity of your business:-

It is easy to expand your business on global level with the help of chatbot. Whether you are running a global business with the customers from all around the world or a local business with intention to expand business on global level, chatbot can easily solve your customer support in multiple languages and 24*7 throughout the year. It make you enable to expand your business on global level without worrying about multilingual incoming request to be handled.

5. User friendly and easy to use:-

Simple user interface is one of the most important qualities of a chatbot which makes it easy to use. Simple user interface is important for creating a pleasant interaction between user and chatbot and makes it a unique experience. Simple user interface also enhance the efficiency & usability of a chatbot. It is important for e-commerce business to consider user friendly interface and design in order to increase user engagement.

6. Cost saving:-

Implementing a full functioning chatbot is much economical and cost saving than hiring manpower for each task. Since cahtbots are computer program powered by Artificial intelligence allows businesses to handle many customers at once on same platform. So it is not only economical but it also reduces the problem that is caused by human errors. Chatbot is also not expensive to design and build.

7. Keeping Up with the Trends:-

The number of active users on instant messaging app has surpassed the number of active users on social media platform. On account that customers’ choices verge to engage with brands via chat -because it’s less complicated and easy to use- companies have now the possibility to reach more customers thru Chatbots at the same time as staying trendy for their customers. Besides, 65% of mobile users are not interested in download any new apps in a month. Considering that customers have their core apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on. They don’t look for new ones. Consequently,Integrating your own chatbot into one of the famous instant messaging apps that your customers use each day, can be better and economical than developing a new app.

Number of active users on different instant messaging application platform:-

Number of active users on instant messaging app
8. Reduce workload:-

By the help of using chatbot company can reduce the workload since they can simply interact and communicate with customer and provide them answer. It also enhance the response time with quick reply. Quick response time is one of the most important factors for keeping the customer engaged.



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