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AboutThe Client

The American College of Applied Science is currently the only U.S. based institution of higher learning to offer graduate and undergraduate degree programs, and non-degree professional development diploma programs, in companion animal science and behavior based upon a foundation of applied behavior analysis and a working relationship with the veterinary community. ACAS has been licensed as a degree granting institution by the State of Florida, Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education, license no. 3145 since January 2005.

About this project

ACAS was founded in 2004 by a group of university professors, animal science and behavior professionals and Internet technology experts in order to fulfill a need for educated professionals to work in career positions in the field of applied animal behavior science and to deliver higher education to working adult learners globally without regard to geographic boarders. ACAS is proud to have graduated students who reside in Florida, South Carolina, New York, Ohio, Colorado, California, New Hampshire, and other states as well as in other nations including Iceland, Spain and Taiwan. We currently have students as far away as Australia and as nearby as our own state of Florida. Many of these students currently work with animals as veterinarians, veterinary technicians, trainers, and animal-related business owners. Others are teachers, attorneys, financial professionals, real estate professionals, engineers, business workers, homemakers and others who seek career changes in order to work with animals or to advocate for their safety and welfare.

The mission of the American College of Applied Science is to provide our graduate, undergraduate and professional development program students who reside in Florida and around the world with the opportunity to begin, enhance or change their professional careers in a diverse global society by empowering them with leadership, critical thinking and practical skills that will allow them to affect positive change for society, all living creatures and the environment that sustains us all. We accomplish this by providing high quality and technologically advanced blended learning programs through our Virtual Campus classrooms, academic residency labs, real-world practicum and academic research opportunities while subscribing to humane scientific principles of investigation that continue to be our most trusted method of inquiry.