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AboutThe Client

Dear Owner
Welcome to EquiOwner – Owner & Trainer Application. At last we have brought 21st Century Communication to the most traditional of sports; horseracing – the Sport of Princes. You investment, your racehorse, will now be visible to you in a meaningful way through regular online updates, pictures and video. Your trainer will agree the level of communication possible through our powerful Owner & Trainer app. In a nutshell you can now view over the web the progress of your horse in professional detail.
• Access to frequent updates online on your equines
The beauty of our Owner & Trainer App is that you are only seconds away from hearing updates about your horse. Residing on your phone, updates, images and videos are there for you to view and share with your colleagues and friends. Ultimately, the Owner & Trainer app will give you clear visibility of your horse during training and up to and including those important race days.
• Reports on feeding
• Views on exercise
• Calendar information
• Images of your equine at rest and work
This app will allow you understand your horse’s progress and follow it in an intimate fashion – never before experienced by professional owners. At the touch of your phone you can follow your horse in training, in care, in feed and ultimately onto the racetrack – even if you are a millions miles away.
This is modern racehorse ownership at its best.
Dear Trainer
Welcome to EquiTrack Owner & Trainer Application. This innovative piece of software is both a management tool and client relationship platform. The backend web service allows Trainers to capture key data on all equines and hold them in a central database. Updates can be done on the fly using handheld devices and at the desk using the more functionally strong data capture points.
• Hold certificates centrally such as Vet reports, shoeing fees, passports
• All relevant equine details held in one spot
• Easy and fast access to documents
Using EquiTrack, Trainers are able to manage their yards in a fully digital platform and viewpoint of every equine. Everything from certs to passports can be scanned and added to each equine’s profile. This information is invaluable when checking regular veterinary visits as well as updating auxiliary services such as chiropractors, dentists and saddle fitters. Personal notes for each equine can be stored on this flexible, robust software hub.
• Rapid statistical access
• Ability to view trends
• Vital stats on feeds across the yard
On the client side, we have produced an app to bring you closer to your owners using the most up to date technology. Based on a web platform, the Owner & Trainer App allows owners download an app onto their smartphone and from there view their horses’ progress.
• You dictate the content
• You dictate the frequency
• You dictate the communication
• Your owners will love it!
You dictate the level of communication possible. The training yard can set it on high, medium or regular. This means you can update the owners of high-value horses daily or perhaps provide less frequent updates depending on demand and availability. As the trainer, you set the views and timing and in a single move provide your owners with first-hand, never before witnessed access to their investment.
The technology is state of the art and easy to use. We provide a full training prior to purchase, most notably understanding the scope of communication. Once installed, you then set the pace – on and off the racetrack.
• Setting the pace – on and off the racetrack
This application is incredibly powerful. Never have owners the possibility of witnessing the milestones of their horses in training before – even if they lived next door. You can determine the level of detail and the frequency. This is powerful technology, opening a door on the world of training, while at the same time containing your professional work.
Once installed, we say Enjoy your Happy Owners.