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AboutThe Client

Intuition Herbals India is founded in 2010 by ‘Swami Muktanand Maharaj’,pioneer in Herb based Chakra Therapy. Most health supplements and medicines being prepared under the banner of ‘Intuition Herbals India’ have been developed by Muktanand ji through unrelenting Sadhana and Research in the field of Chakra Therapy through Herbs. Established through divine inspiration, ‘Intuition Herbals India’ is a one of a kind undertaking. The ayurvedic medicines have been tested and proven to bring about miraculous results. A major percentage of profit from the sale of the medicines will be utilized in setting up Anand Dham – Gold Age Homes and Energy Healing Centre

About this project

Intuition Herbals India was founded with a mission to free the Human Race from diseases. It has been Swamiji’s vision that we can achieve this objective by cleansing, purifying & energizing the chakras. This was being done during the ancient times by our Rishis & Munis.

We have forgotten that if we keep our chakras active, we automatically open the doors towards a healthy body & a healthy mind. The Chakra therapy has been established based on this belief understanding & slowly this concept is getting wide attention is being widely discussed & debated in the present day Society, especially amongst the youth. We have already started activating & energizing the chakras through herbs, through our several preparation.