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Pintel is a messenger that allows you to communicate with others without sharing your phone number or email id or any other permanent digital identity. Pintel uses your 3G plan or wifi, so there are no additional charges.


No signup form, email or phone verification. Download the app and start using it.

Create a PIN and give it to the person you want to chat with and she/he will be able to message you on that PIN.

You will get the other user’s PIN when you get the message.

Do not want to keep the messages? You can delete the chats from not just your phone but also the other user’s phone.

Do not want to communicate with the person any further. Just delete the PIN and it is removed permanently. The person can’t reach you.

Think of PINS as temporary disposable phone numbers for messaging. You can create and delete them at your convenience.


Met someone on online chat or anonymous apps. Continue the chat on mobile.

Met someone interesting at the airport or the bar. Keep in touch without sharing numbers.

Use Pintel PINS on classifieds or dating websites and be safe.

Discuss confidential business matters on Pintel and delete the chat once you are done.


– It’s Anonymous
– It’s Safe
– There is no history

We’d love to hear from you about Pintel. If you have any doubts, questions, feedback, please email us at: