Text Time Machine

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Text Time Machine: Schedule Texts into the Future and More with TTM

Not just another texting platform, TTM is the only app with all of these unique features in one place:

Future Texting – Schedule a text minutes, months or years into the future. Manage multiple future texts using the calendar page.
VoIP calls – free calls anywhere in the world using data.
Audio and Video Instant Messages
Oops Protection – Never send a text to the wrong person again.
Save Select – No more wasting time scrolling through hundreds of texts again for a picture or an address. Just save portions of your log by contact and title them for easy searching later. You’re welcome!
Send Future Message to Non-TTM users – Love the app, but your friends don’t have it yet? No worries! Send them a message in the future anyway and they will receive it in their normal text log.

Coming Soon….

Group Texting – The best version of group texting you’ve seen yet. Mute notifications from that overly vocal person in the group!
Video Alarm – The days of head-splitting alarm clock beeps and buzzes are over. Send a silly or sweet video to your best friend or family member to wake them up in the morning.