Top 6 PHP frameworks for Web Development in 2018

Top 6 PHP frameworks for Web Development in 2018

It is well known that there are lots of similarities in all web application like login, registration and communication and communication is carried out mostly through validated & secured form. Then the information is stored in various database tables. The database is then retrieved; data is processed and presented back to the user. The developers have been developing complex web applications and websites for a long time now. Starting the web development project from scratch has its fair share of challenges. It may take too much time in developing a complex project, making it a huge problem. As a result, a programming language like PHP came into existence to resolve this problem. PHP is without any doubt one of the most popular languages used for web development services in india. PHP is the best-suited language for small web project as well as the big web project. Developers started developing websites and application with the help of PHP frameworks. We did our own research to discover the top Hypertext Preprocessor frameworks in the business that made backend development easier. Choosing top 6 PHP frameworks to build a web project for the business can be a very difficult task because there are so many options available. We have worked and tested all PHP frameworks and choosing top 6 PHP frameworks is the really difficult task, however, we did our research to discover top 6 PHP frameworks. Let’s take a look.

Why use Frameworks for PHP Web Development:-

Generally, a framework is an actual or conceptual structure meant to serve as a support or guide for the building of something that expands the structure into something beneficial. It means that half of your work has already been done. There are lots of frameworks available for PHP and most of them are the free and open source.

Characteristic of an Ideal PHP Framework:-

• Backend-side scripting codes that can be used on nearly all operating systems
• Efficiency
• Code Generation that saves time
• Easy to implement on both CLI & CGI
• Facilitate wide range of features
• Easy to learn & implement
• Security

1. Laravel Framework:-

Currently, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework. It has really excellent feature. Laravel framework is free and open source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the MVC architectural pattern. It consists of many tutorial videos in addition to the course designed to guide novices via the entire process to its completion.
Laravel recently added the following features.
• Laravel Horizon: Laravel Horizon gives a beautiful dashboard and code-pushed configuration on your Laravel powered Redis queues. Horizon permits you to without difficulty monitor key metrics of your queue device along with task throughput, runtime, and job failures. Your entire worker configuration is saved in a single, simple configuration file, allowing your configuration to stay in source control in which your whole team can collaborate.
• Laravel Dusk: Laravel Dusk gives expressive, easy-to-use browser automation and testing API. With the aid of default, dusk does not require you to install JDK or Selenium in your system. Rather, dusk makes use of a standalone Chrome Driver installation. But, you’re unfastened to make use of another Selenium compatible driver you wish.

• Laravel Echo: In lots of modern php website development india, WebSockets are used to enforce real-time, live-updating user interfaces. When some information is up to date on the server, a message is commonly sent over a WebSocket connection to be handled by means of the client. This presents a more robust, efficient alternative to constantly polling your application for modifications.
To help you in building these types of applications, Laravel makes it easy to “broadcast” your event over a WebSocket connection. Broadcasting your Laravel events lets you to share the identical event names between your server-facet code and your client-side JavaScript application.

This great framework provides clarity, simplicity; value and elegance designed for each the experienced and novice developers. it may additionally be used for individual developers or for the team.

2. Phalcon – A Full Stack Framework:-

Phalcon is high performance & full stack PHP web framework delivered as a c-extension. It is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern released in 2012.
Following are some basic features of Phalcon PHP framework that has made it one of the fastest and easiest frameworks in the market.

Top Features of Phalcon

This feature of Phalcon includes model, view components & controllers. Build single and multi-module applications with ease and pleasure using the file structure, scheme, and patterns.

• Dependency Injection:

Phalcon is built upon a powerful but easy to understand and use the pattern called Dependency Injection. Initialize or define services as soon as – and use them virtually anywhere in the course of the application.

• Lower Overhead:

Due to low memory consumption and CPU utilization in comparison to other PHP frameworks it reduces the overhead.

• Rest:

Writing rest servers and applications has in no way been easier. No boilerplate. Simple services will match in a single file. In this situation; you may use either a micro or full stack utility to fulfill your goal. In addition, a powerful set of HTTP helpers.

• Router:

Phalcon/MVC/Router offers advanced routing capabilities.

• Autoloader:

Register namespaces, prefixes, directories or classes. Take gain of the autoloader events and manage full control over what files are loaded and from where.

3. Symfony PHP Framework:-

Symfony is PHP web application Framework to build the web application. It is set of reusable PHP components or libraries and inspired by Spring Framework (application framework for Java platform). Symfony is aimed at building the robust web application in an enterprise context, and objectives to provide developers complete manipulate over the configuration: from the directory structure to the foreign libraries, almost everything may be customized.

Top Features of Symfony

It supports faster development process and easier maintainability.
It is one of the best PHP frameworks on which best PHP applications are built, such as Drupal, EZ Publish and PhpBB
Symfony defines MVC architecture whilst many other different frameworks try to simply follow MVC rules.
The standards of Symfony also make it easier to detect errors and to write down quality code; the community of Symfony is also growing every year.
Laravel was also built using Symfony 2 components.

4. CodeIgniter PHP framework:-

It is an open source platform meant for rapid web development. It is used for dynamic website design & development services using PHP. It loosely supports model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. CodeIgniter is most often noted for its speed when in comparison to other PHP frameworks.

Top Features of CodeIgniter

Model-View-Controller Based System.
Extremely Light Weight.
Form and Data Validation
Security and XSS Filtering.
Session Management
Query Builder Database Support.
Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms.

5. CakePHP Framework:-

CakePHP framework is an open source web, rapid development framework that makes developing web applications easier, quicker at the same time as requiring less code. PHP 7 framework provides a bendy database access layer and an effective scaffolding system that makes building both small and complex structures less difficult, easier and, of course, tastier. It supports the model-view-controller (MVC).

Top feature of CakePHP

Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.
Excellent features
Object Relational Mapping(ORM)
User-Friendly tool
Robust Performance
Reasonable approach
CRUD scaffolding
Testing method
Innovation ability
Conveniently Expandable with Plug-ins and Components

6. Yii Framework:-

Yii2 is lightweight, open source, object-oriented, component based MVC web application framework. It can be used for building all kinds of web application using PHP. It has been well appreciated for its easy installation.

Top features of Yii framework

Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.
Due to its component-based architecture and sophisticated caching support, it is specifically appropriate for developing the large-scale project together with portals, forums, content management structures (CMS), e-commerce website, RESTFUL web services, and so forth.
Automatic code generation.
Provides many proven and ready to use feature


This is a short list of comparison between top 6 popular PHP frameworks. You can accomplish any kind of task that you want using these popular frameworks. It depends on you what you want to achieve and feature you like to use.



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