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Business Consultancy

Technology Consulting Services

Sukritinfotech is a Technology Consulting Services Company powered by 9 years of experience with PHP Solutions including Open Source, Data Optimization, Dynamics CRM experience, Internet Marketing, Web Development.

  • E-Commerce Consulting Services
  • Line-of-Business Integration
  • Dynamics CRM Consulting Services
  • Implementation
  • Open Source Consulting Services
  • Application Platform
  • Internet Marketing Consulting

Sukritinfotech, Your Partner for Technology Consulting Services With Sukritinfotech, you get a partner who not only understands how to effectively lead and manage technology-enabled transformation initiatives, you also get a partner committed to fast-tracking payback on technology investments. Working with Sukritinfotech on your solution implementation initiatives you can count on:

IT Consulting

Business Solutions and design Program Management Project Management Financial Management, Budgeting and Estimation Defining organizational Scope, Enterprise Architecture Framework re-design Branding and Social Media Consulting Change Management.

Management Consulting/Training

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Supply Chain & Inventory Automation Sales & Distribution Service Management Employee Attendance & Remuneration Management Web Presence Overhaul & Payroll Management Process Automation.

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