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An Insight into Our Automation Testing Tools and Procedures

Every software development company tests its software product but yet delivered software product always has defects. Quality Assurance engineers try their best to trap the defects before the product is released in the market but they continually creep in and they always reappear, in spite of the great manual testing processes. Automation Testing of a software product is the best approach in order to increase effectiveness, performance, and coverage of your software testing process.With the growing needs and expediencies of the customers with respect to the development in the technology, Information Technology enterprise is on the track of huge expansion. Software organizations are constantly changing and adopting the quickest procedures and practices including agile and DevOps to launch and deliver the best quality products to their clients within a short span of time.




However, with the need to accelerate the software development process, the deficiency of quickening up the testing activities also needs to be fulfilled. Automation testing may be seen as a boon to the software
Quality Assurance process, which not only enhances the speed and productiveness of the software testing process but also accelerates the delivery of the end product.

What is Automation Testing Services?

The need to excel the gradual and time-consuming process of manually executing the test cases, the software testers have today adopted an alternative technique known as automation testing. Automation testing includes the examining of the test cases or test scripts with the assistance of some specific tools and frameworks. Automation testing is an automated method where the tester writes test cases by own and makes use of the most suitable tools and frameworks to test the software.Automation Testing Process is an approach uses an application to put in force complete life cycle of the software product in less time and offers efficiency and effectiveness to the software testing process.It is basically an automation process of a manual testing procedure.

Need of Automation Testing

  • Quicker process- Software testing frequently requires repetitive evaluation of the test cases and test scripts, like in regression testing. It is true that manually executing the test cases and scripts may prove to be time-consuming but automation testing is a quicker process that slashes the time required in executing the tests cases and scripts.

  • Long term benefit– Automation testing process keeps the tests intact. It is able to be stored, traced, updated and utilized in the future to cover and execute similar kind of requirements and functionalities.

  • Array of tests- Automation testing offers the wider test coverage with the scope of creating a large number of complex automated tests cases and scripts in conjunction with their execution time.

  • Full accuracy- When compared to the manual testing process, automation testing is less likely to make mistakes and ensures higher accuracy and precision.

What do we offer in Automation Testing Services India?

Sukrit Infotech is a premier automation testing company India, globally recognized and acclaimed for continuously delivering the various kinds of automation testing services and management services to the clients. Our various automation testing services have been discussed as under.

Software Automation Testing Services

Manual testing is a reasonable technique when a few and fundamental aspects of a software needs to be considered under testing. However, in case of a big & complex software project where you need to validate the software product authenticity frequently with respect to the dynamic changes and perform continuous integration & delivery with accuracy, manual testing may fail to qualify. Software automation testing is the best available mean to triumph over the shortcomings of manual testing technique in executing the test cases, test strategies and test plans and thus, guaranteeing the maximum test coverage within the software testing process.

Web Application Automation Testing Services

A web service is an application that is executed over the web with the support of the internet to perform a specific task. The process of testing the web application services contains numerous demanding situations which cannot be handled through manual testing approach and will require automation testing approach. The web testing automation aids in overcoming the shortcomings and challenges faced throughout the manual testing technique. These challenges are as under-

  • Multiple combinations of network configuration, settings, server architecture, frameworks, server-end database, and many others adds to the web applications’ complexity and makes web application services nearly out of the reach of manual testing approach.
  • The absence of user-interface makes the task of manual testing difficult and thereby, requires expertise in the programming languages and web technology.
  • The need of regression testing is inevitable to ensure that frequent updates don’t influence the existing functionality of the web application services.
  • One of the most important qualities of the web application services is to function uninterruptedly in the event of an unexpected load. In contrast to the manual testing, automation helps in captivating a huge pool of digital users to perform web services oriented tests such as load, stress, and volume testing.

Mobile Automation Testing Services

With the growing complexity and the increasing features & functionalities of a mobile, there lies a need to test the mobile functioning too. The different elements need to be verified and validated through actual devices or emulators in order to ensure the quality attribute. Similarly, factors like time constraint & limited resources restrict the usage of the manual testing technique of mobile testing and call for the need of the mobile automation approach.

Functional Automation Testing Services

Functional test automation includes the comprehensive coverage of all the intended functionalities for distinctive scenarios and environment. Verifying and validating different functionalities for distinctive conditions and environment with precision using manual testing technique can be a highly tedious task for the testers which may lead to undesired repercussions. Automating the functional tests using the functional testing tools and framework is the best practice to keep away these repercussions and ensuring the finest working of the software program

Regression Automation Testing Services

Regression testing is a method of comparing the authenticity of the existing functionalities after each modification is added within the software product. It is a common and frequent activity to remove or debug defects forever. Automating the regression test to check the originality of the software product may additionally prove to be time-saving and therefore, the cost-cutting solution.

Why to choose our automation testing services India?

Our technically enriched testing team incorporates highly skilled and experienced automation testing engineers having a thorough understanding of when to automate what. Our testing team believes in the test automation approach to observe the procedure step-by- step in the direction of the fulfillment of the objectives.

The benefits of our test automation services are as follows:

  • Our automation technique includes the assessment and analysis of ROI and thereby, makes your testing & test automation strategy relevant. In addition, it also includes the development of the collection of test cases & frameworks along with their maintenance, test suites creation, and execution.
  • We offer complete automation solution for the software product of various domains viz. client-server, web-application services, desktop applications, mobile applications, and so on.
  • Our QA test automation professionals are proficient and well versed in choosing the best automation tools and frameworks for each unique requirement and specification. Some of the automated testing tools in our lab include Robotium, Galen, Applitool, Appium, Selenium, QTP and Protractor.
  • To fulfill our clients’ needs along with the need to minimize the project cost, we also use automated testing tools like krypton (primarily based on selenium framework). It reduces the cost of hiring additional automation specialists, as Krypton does not involve any sort of programming and coding, and thereby enable manual testers to understand and train themselves to employ krypton tools.

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