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Sukrit Infotech is specialized in recruitment process outsourcing in India.

We have understood that work management is a difficult task. So, here we are to provide you with a helping hand through RPO recruitment process outsourcing services in Delhi, India. Relax yourself completely or partially for recruiting talents for your organization. Our RPO firm offers a systematic approach for building a great team…

What is RPO Recruitment? Or What Does RPO Stand for in Recruiting?

Before you head to understand what we offer as one of the leading RPO firms, read its definition.

Outsourced recruitment services are a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) where employers have the opportunity to transfer all or a part of its recruitment processes to an external resource. A RPO recruitment agency plays an important role in the development of a company.

Our Seven Step Recruiting

Sukrit Infotech provides innovative and scalable staffing solutions to firms of any size. We manage to maintain the standard of recruitment through:

Social Media Search

It is important to stay connected with social media to look for the best candidates. We do this task on behalf of you.

Candidate Screening

Our candidate screening and profiling service help you in targeting the passive job seekers through a concise pre-screening process and the generation of resumes.

Customize Job Posting

To search the right talents, we create highly customized job postings. Here our key task is to hire those candidates who are specialized in a particular field.

Platforms for Job Seekers

We assist job seekers to find their dream job. Candidates can feel free to contact us directly for recruitment inquiry.

Advisory Services

We can act as an extension of your HR department with partnering in labour market analysis and creating effective recruitment advertising.

Customize Recruitment Process

Our outsourced recruiting strategies are ready to customize the recruitment process according to your desire and needs.

Direct Source Research

What are Sukrit Infotech recruitment process outsourcing benefits?

Our consistent effort in recruiting talents for your organization provides multiple benefits to your firm.

Improved Recruiting Effectiveness

We are specialized in recruiting the right candidates for your organization. Our recruitment process provides well-structured and improved recruitment process to maintain recruiting effectiveness. We have ability to reach more and deserving candidates.

Rapid Growth for Your Organization

Hiring the right talents means you have a team of dedicated staff to meet every deadline. Your in-house recruitment process may find difficult to meet recruiting needs sometimes but we are not going to compromise in the process of hiring. All types of essential recruitment process are followed to hire suitable candidates.

Focus on Core Business

 When recruitment process responsibility is given to another organization, it enables employers to find the talent they need without distraction from business operations. When the company HR is responsible for recruitment, it affects the human resources productivity and workflows. The HR finds hard to manage payroll, employee program and compliance that influence the development of the firm. At Sukrit Infotech, you get chance to focus on your core business by reducing the hassle of recruitment.

Reduce Cost

Recruitment process includes a team of recruiters and various recruiting activities like social media campaign, advertising on job boards, background screening and applicant tracking system. These costs rolled into one while outsourced recruiting services. We have managed to provide cost effective recruitment services.

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