Testing Services

Testing Services

Quality Assurance and testing has shifted from normally detecting and stopping defects in software, to protecting the company image and is Integral to the overall company strategy. While you build your app, we work with you to make it perfect. Whilst it’s prepared for release, we ensure your clients will be extremely delighted with the results. We offer an extensive variety of software testing solutions to make sure your clients will have the experience you commit them. We can help you set out and then navigate your digital transformation journey, providing strategic-level management consultancy and quality assurance services. As a truly independent management consultancy, quality assurance and software testing company, Sukrit Infotech is able to be your strategic quality partner. We will provide ongoing consultancy, thought leadership, strong governance and support in software quality management and leading-edge software testing services.

Proficient and Experienced Team

The Sukrit Infotech consists team of experienced and professional project managers, team leaders, Quality Assurance engineers, administrators.

Our team is characterized with the aid of:

  • Deep understanding of software development lifecycle;
  • Knowledge & understanding of up-to- date troubleshooting methodologies;
  • Sturdy competencies in test method elaboration and test design;
  • Vast experience in manual and automatic testing;
  • Permanent striving for improvement and training;
  • Great sociability and teamwork abilities.

In combination with ISO-style control, QA approaches, the state-of- the-art technology of manualand automated testing all of these capabilities lead to a successful implementation of software program testing projects.