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When there is planning to develop web applications, organizations of all streams and sizes give importance to Java to create cross-platform web applications to meet the diverse requirements of clients. Some top players using Java for their tech stacks are Uber, Airnb, Spotify, Instagram, and Google.

The language helps develop robust and well-functional web applications that have enough scope for customization and designing. Our agile Java web application development services include code refactoring, QA and migration, architectural design, and more to build secure and real-world web applications.

Why Web Development with Java?

Java is more than 20-year old programming language that has been upgraded with times to match the latest requirements of web applications.

Features Of Java


Java is a set of computer software and specifications that are easy to learn and understand. It offers a clean code along with a vast library and active communities allow developers to develop web apps rapidly by avoiding the varying level of complexities with ease.


Everything from programming to the data code is an object in Java. It contains data in the form of fields and code in the form of procedures. Java offers a clear structure for programming.


Applications that run in the Java environment are secure. It comes with a host of security-driven features like no use of pointers, access control functionality, byte code, order execution, and exceptional handling concept.


Java is a robust application. It eliminates error-prone situations by emphasizing compiling time-error checking and runtime checking. It reduces the risk of system crashes and the garbage collection feature enables robust handling of memory management.

Independent Platform

Unlike C and C++, Java doesn’t compile into the platform-specific machine, rather into platform-independent byte code. It is easy to move Java applications from one system to the other.


The feature enables Java-based applications to do multiple tasks at a time. These apps use the same memory and resources with an assurance of high-quality performance.

Our Core Specialization in Java Development Services 

As a leading Java application development company, our experienced Java team members are experts at all the trending Java web technologies and offer an extensive range of Java web application services under one umbrella. Feel free to contact us for-
  • Custom Java App Development

  • Java App Maintenance and Support (our prime USP)

  • Java Apps Modernization

  • Java Web App Testing

  • Java Integration

  • Java Web Design

    2-2 Java

    Tools & Frameworks


    A light-weight Java framework offers a comprehensive programming and configuration model for developing sophisticated Java-based enterprise apps.


    An open-source framework that features over 100 components, touch optimized mobilekit and a lot more features to create apps. 


    An open source framework for developing Java EE web applications, encourages developers to adopt a model-view controller architecture.


    An open-source set of tools to allow developers to create and maintain JavaScript front-end applications.


    A unit testing framework helps to develop a test-driven web applications that has evolved over time.


    An object-relational mapping library that offers a framework to map an object-oriented model.

    Apache Tomcat

    The open source Java Servlet and Java Server allow developers to make implementation on an array of enterprise Java apps.


    WildFly is formally known as JBoss AS or Simply JBoss, used for implementing Java applications and other software.

    Angular 2

    For frontend services, our mastery in Angular will surely provide you with benefits, one of the best platforms to develop mobile and desktop web apps.


    A free and open-source CSS framework for responsive and mobile-first front-end web development.

    Sukrit Infotech - Intresting - Facts

    We are committed to complete the project on time and with top accuracy.

    Data Gathering

    We contact our respective clients to gather their projects requirements in order to provide the desired goals.

    Project Initiation

    Once the discussion is made and some upfront payment is done, we appoint a team to work on your project.

    Choice to Choose the Model

    We design the application. After your approval and proofread it goes for the final development phase.

    Project Delivery

    We complete the project in the stipulated period, test it and deploy it for the client.