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Sukrit Infotech is a Joomla development company in India known for offering Joomla web development services. Our professional Joomla developers have years of experience who help clients to meet their expectations of an online presence.

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Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) that was developed in the year 2003. At present, more than 3 million websites run on it with hardly any complaints from the users. The reason behind the increasing popularity of Joomla website development in India is that it gives users a freedom to create their own websites in the way they want. It offers various features such as RSS feeds, printable versions, Google ReCAPTCHA, collapsible side bars, composer integration and much more. Sukrit Infotech is known as the finest Joomla website development company India and has served hundreds of clients until date. Our Joomla website developer aims at meeting all your expectations by working according to your specifications and business requirements.

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Advantages of using Joomla CMS for websites

Publishing content is easy
It is true that Joomla is the most user-friendly CMS. Creating websites with Joomla is pretty easy, as you do not require any professional knowledge for it. To upload a blog or any other content, you just need to copy, paste and hit the ‘publish’ button. Doing modifications to the website is a cakewalk once you get the hang of it.
Joomla provides great flexibility with more than 8,000 extensions, which are further divided in different categories such as editing, communication, marketing, living, site managements etc. There is hardly any limit to make your website interactive by integrating social networking widgets. You will see that every category is given a rating, so that you are able to evaluate its effectiveness. With this, you can also review the categories and keep a check on it all.
Open source infrastructure
PHP is considered the king of open source web scripting language and rules most of the internet. Today, almost all the big companies including Citbank and universities like Harvard are using PHP. Joomla is one such product of PHP with MySQL being its backup for data storage. With PHP as the language, it has become highly convenient to develop Joomla extensions.
Built-in SEO functionality
The biggest advantage of Joomla is that it has built-in search engine friendly URLs. Once these URLs are enabled, you can expect to get better SEO rankings. With this, it also gives you a liberty to select your own Meta description and Meta keywords. Since Joomla 1.6, the built-in SEO option is on by default.
Easy E-commerce
E-commerce companies are often confused with the most appropriate CMS to choose. If you are wondering about the same then go for Joomla with no doubts. It is an E-commerce friendly CMS, which enables you to manage the content and products without any hassles. Here, you also get a variety of options such as shipping, PayPal, Google Checkout and other payment gateways. And yes, you do get your own set of E-commerce extensions.
Joomla has a strong user community with over 20,000 users. This simply means that there are many more using Joomla and have gained experienced of it. You can discuss the issues online and participate in debates & discussions.

Why choose our Joomla website Development Company in Delhi, India?

Nominal fee- With us, you do not have to pay any user fee. Within a competitive development cost, you can expect to receive the desired results and make the most of the available modules or extensions.
Easy to handle- Our Joomla web development services aim at creating sites that are easy to handle by the users. After we have created it, you will be able to manage and update the content, remove old pages or add new ones without much hassle.

Excellent customer support- We offer Joomla web development services in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and India. Until date, we have a record of achieving 100% customer satisfaction, which has been possible only through our exceptional team. Our team has the perfect knowledge and skills to fix various customer issues. Our CMS developers think on their feet to come up with the best ideas and the most effective solutions.

Therefore, it is the time to develop your website by the professionals of the industry. Approach our Joomla website Development Company to promote your company through a user-friendly website. Good luck!

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