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We are specialized in website development services to build the robust and complex web applications and web portals. We develop dynamic websites or database driven websites combined with several scripting language to communicate with database. Web application provides a lot of functionality such as interacting with users and generating result to the browsers. We are expert in building different types of web applications such as social networking website, banking system, and e-commerce application, online reservation system and much more.

How do we build Web Applications?

Technology: –In order to develop a web application we use scripting language. We categorize scripting language into two main categories.

1. Client Side Scripting Language: – Client side scripting language is usually executed by browser. The client side script code first transferred from web server to the user’s computer and executed directly in the browser. A message usually pops up to alert the user when scripting language is not enabled on client browser and attempting to execute in browser.

Client side scripting languages we use to develop web applications are:

    • 1. HyperText Markup Language(HTML)
    • 2. JavaScript
  • 3. Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
    • 4. JQuery
    • 5. Asynchronous JavaScript and XML(AJAX)
  • 6. Dojo Toolkit (JavaScript Library designed to facilitate the quick development of cross-platform.)

2. Server-side Scripting:-Server side scripting is usually executed by server to generate dynamic HTML pages. This dynamic web page is then sent to user’s browser. Client side scripting language is used to build interactive web applications or websites that interact to databases or other data stores on the web server. Server side scripting language is different from client side scripting language. The main advantage of using server side scripting language is the ability to respond based on the user’s requirements. Server Side Scripting is not viewable by any user whereas client side scripting language is viewable by users.

Server side scripting languages we use to develop web application:

    • 1. Laravel
  • 2. CodeIgniter
    • 3. Phalcon
  • 4. YII
    • 5. CakePHP
  • 6. Django
    • 7. Spring MVC
  • 8. JSF

Why choose our Web Development Company India for your Web application Development projects?

There are lots of benefits of getting website development services from our website development company India. Sukrit InfoTech has been offering its web development services Delhi for more than 10 years. We have developed many web applications and our clients are very satisfied with our services. We provide our professional website development services globally.

    • Experience:-We are one of the best web development companies in India. We have a team of experienced and skilled developers who is always ready to go an extra mile to make clients happy and satisfied.
    • Cost Effective:-The best part about our web application development company India is our affordable and cost effective services. We develop the finest web application within your budget without any hidden cost.
    • Resources:- We have all reassures which are required to build a robust, innovative and user friendly web application. These resources help us to build web application within a short span of time.
    • Maintenance:-Support and maintenance are an important part of any web application and website. We always provide free maintenance and support services to our clients.
  • Goal Oriented and ROI- Driven Focus:– We work with our clients in order to identify what our client aims to achieve. After identifying the business goal and objectives it is easy to determine which marketing channels to tap and take advantage of.

What Types of Web Development Services we offer for your business:-

As a leading Web Development Company in India, we offer wide ranges of web development services to our clients at affordable prices. We aim to fulfill the expectations of clients completely. We build robust, reliable and cost effective web application according to the needs of the client.

PHP Web Development

Sukrit InfoTech is one the best PHP web development service provider companies in India. We provide PHP web development & custom PHP web development services across the globe. The main advantage of using PHP for website and web application development is that it is an open source and provides higher functionality and user-friendly interface. Read more….

B2B & B2C Application Development

B2B or Business to Business applications are used to conduct business between two or more companies whereas B2C or Business to Customer applications is used to conduct business between companies and customers. Our skilled developers are committed to provide the best B2B & B2C applications after analysing and understanding your services. Hire our B2B & B2C application development services India in order to strengthen your business skeleton, boost growth of your business and achieve your business goals.Read more….

CMS Web Development

When it comes to content management system or CMS based web application development, we are known as the best company for providing CMS development & custom CMS web development services. The primary benefit of CMS web development is that it lets you manage your website the way you want to manage your content.
Read more….

Joomla Web Development

Sukrit Inoftech is one of the leading Joomla web services provider company in India. We provide wide ranges of Joomla web development solutions such as Joomla website development, Joomla application development, component development, theme customization and custom plugins development services with user friendly features..
Read more….

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is one of the best content management systems available in market. According to the data, there are approximately more than 74 millions websites are built using WordPress. We provide complete WordPress web development solution in India and abroad such as WordPress theme design, WordPress Plugin development and WordPress web application development.Read more….

Drupal Web Development

Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used for building website and web application with rich media content. Sukrit Infotech is renowned Drupal Web Development Company in India offers complete Drupal web development solutions such as Drupal website development, custom Drupal web

development, Drupal web application development, Drupal theme development and Drupal template customization.. development, Drupal web application development, Drupal theme development and Drupal template customization..Read more….

Magento Web Development

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce web development. Magento has been popular choice for e-commerce web developers because of its powerful feature. Sukrit InfoTech is a leading Magento web development services provider in India. We provide complete Magento web development solutions for your business such as Magento website development, Magento module development, custom Magneto web development solution, Magento shopping cart development,Magento e-commerce development solutions and custom Magento extensions development.
Read more….

Zen Cart Web Development

Sukrit Infotech is a leading Zen cart web development service provider in India. We offer complete Zen Cart web development solutions for your business such as Zen Cart e-commerce web development, Zen Cart website development, Zen Cart CMS development and Zen Cart extensions development.Read more….

E-commerce Web Development

Sukrit InfoTech, one of the pioneered e-commerce web development service providers in India, providing complete solutions for e-commerce such as e-commerce web design, e-commerce web development, e-commerce mobile application development and digital marketing services.Read more….

Website Maintenance

A website is the first impression of your company and for its smooth functioning, website maintenance services are required. We provide the best website maintenance packages in the industry so that you can focus on your business without thinking about maintenance of your website.Read more….