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Sukrit Infotech is one of the top-rated social media marketing companies in India. We have a team of experienced SMM experts who can design and implement the social media strategy to boom your business across different social media channels.

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media Marketing or SMM is a fast emerging online marketing technique that seeks to transform web marketing by employing Social Media. Now Social media websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. provide a platform for their users to network and communicate. Further, blogging websites like Blogger, BlogSpot etc. involve a deeper discussion milieu with people of similar interests coming together and generating a social know through fundamental interaction. SMM seeks to leverage this social knot to promote online businesses. In simple words, Social Media Marketing tends to be the online equivalent of word of mouth advertising in the traditional marketing framework.

SMM techniques span a wide range of marketing objectives, ranging from online brand engagement to social retailing. As a result the SMM techniques have a panoptic range of underlying activities comprising of blog submissions, reputation management etc. With a majority of the online shoppers being a part of one social network or the other, it is imperative that the marketers focus on social media optimization as a part of their online strategy.

What are the long term benefits of Social Media Marketing?

    • Networking
    • Buzz
    • Brand equity
    • Creating trust in a brand
    • Reputation Management
    • Traffic
    • Links for SEO

Social Media & Social Marketing

Allow Online Holdings Corporation to project a comprehensive online marketing web campaign to establish your brand on the top social media web sites. Establishing a brand is essential not only to build traffic flow, but also for brand and company recognition. OHC International Social Media and Social Marketing Services will help bring future customers to your call to action web pages and promote your online brands in optimal search engines as well as landing on top on the most popular social sites on the internet.