Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services India For Growing Online Businesses And Achieving New Heights

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Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Social media has transformed the way brands reach their clients and prospects. It has also changed the way business put their products and services to end users. If leveraged in a well-planned manner it could put your business to an unprecedented height. However Social Media management and Social Media Optimization are an aesthetic and science as well. The scientific laws need to be used to express your intuition.

Social media is gaining huge traction these days almost 70% of the population use social media to interact with their peers, friends and other members. Experts have opined that social media has been a major factor that determines the buying decision of people. Viewing this great marketing potential no business these days can afford to lose this goldmine of opportunity which is called as Social Media Marketing.

Why business should leverage the potential of Social Media

      1. 1. Cost-effective and reliable compared to traditional mode of marketing
      1. 2. Low-input cost compared to other forms of marketing
      1. 3. Mass targeting
      1. 4. Pull marketing
    1. 5. Direct and instant interaction with customers
Social Media Optimization Company Delhi, India

Viewing the importance and significance of Social media and social media marketing we have come up with a bouquet of SMO services that could help you help you gain maximum return on your investment.

Why SMO is important from SEO point of view

Due to consistent abuse and manipulation of mechanical Google’s search algorithms like Meta keywords and textual links search engines are now placing less importance to these signals but are putting huge importance to signals that are coming directly from social media space. Since people are less likely to endorse a product in social media Google relies much on the metrics and signal that are coming from social media space. Social media is important not only to boost your ranking rather has it also helped businesses tap direct prospects and clients.

As a whole we can say that Social Media is one of the best armor available in the arsenal of an internet marketer and if used and leveraged wisely it could reap great benefits provided your social media marketing campaigns are in right hands.

The term Social Media Optimization was coined by Rohit Bhargava. It denotes various means of generating public opinion through use of social media like online communities, websites and various other medium of communication over internet. This process is similar to Search Engine Optimization. SMO is similar to viral marketing in technique and results.

SMO is useful to drive people to a website and can make or mar an idea. Popularity over internet is very crucial for any venture on internet and SMO just like SEO helps gain top positions. As indicated by Rohit, there are six primary rules to generate SMO buzz. They are:

    • Increase your link ability
    • Make tagging and bookmaking easy
    • Reward inbound links
    • Help your content travel
    • Encourage the mash up
  • Get communities connected

Why SMO is important from SEO point of view

The selection of platforms mainly depends on the nature of your business, potential customers and the kind of product you sell. For instance if you are a B2B marketer LinkedIn will be the best one for your business to leverage while if you are a B2C marketer Facebook will be the best one to go for. If your business is an enterprise and want to communicate with industry expert Quora will be the best one to go for. If you want to gain some ranking advantage out of your social media endeavor then Google+ is the best platform to go for.

No matter what your needs and requirements are we have everything in place to suit your business and put your business to a new height. Our Social Media Team is well-experienced and equipped to conceive and implement a campaign that could help you put your brands in the top of customer’s mind.

Various applications of social Media Optimization are

    • New product and service development
    • Recruiting of new bright employees
    • Existing employee engagement
    • Brand building over internet
    • Customer Relation and Management
    • Sales and business development

E-commerce Development Module (EDM)

    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Google+
    • Quora
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter

In each of these areas Social Media Optimization plays an important role. Websites like Facebook, Wiki, Digg fit this bill. They all prove immensely helpful in increasing social awareness about various websites, people and business ideas. One can find professionals who specialize in this area and can turn any website in a winner suing various techniques. Social Media Optimization works on Pull Marketing Principles. There can be no Push Marketing Strategies. Social Media works when owners and users both participate in it. It can’t be one way street. Business owners need to know the target population very well. All social media cannot be deployed on all populations. Each segment favors a particular media.