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Looking for professional SEM services in India?  Sukrit Infotech is the best search engine marketing (SEM) company in India that offers end-to-end SEM Services.  Hiring SEM experts in India can definitely assist in enhancing the online presence of the business.

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Cost per Action: Where publishers are paid on the basis of action that the user has accomplished like signing-up, voting, enrolling, membership etc.

Pay per Lead: With this model publishers are paid as per the lead that creates for the merchant.

Cost per 1000 impression: With this model advertisers are paid for each 1000 impressions that they give to the ad.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Internet marketing composed of 3 basic areas viz SEO, SMO and SEM. While SMO deals with optimizing and leveraging the potential of various social media platforms and SEO deals with ensuring higher ranking organically SEM also known as Search Engine Marketing deals with conceiving and formulating a PPC campaign that could increase your CTR. These models are put forth by search engines like Google and MSN to let businesses promote them with textual ads should they are not able to appear organically on the search engine result page.

These models are also called as Pay Per Click (PPC) model where advertiser pay the search engine to place their textual ad on the specified slots. The price may vary depending on the slot and position you want your ad to be displayed. In fact the search engine consists of partners’ website and depending on the nature of your ad they are displayed on various platforms and for each impression or click the advertiser is charged which is again shared by the search engine and the publisher. The price remains undisclosed as Google doesn’t prefer revealing their charge and commission got by the publisher to general public.

Some Major Forms of Search Engine Marketing that we deal are

Paid Search: Most of the companies start off with this model in which advertisers pay to search engines to be seen in main search engine result page. With this model companies and businesses bid on various key phrases that users could use to search the product or service on the search engine. The textual ad will then be displayed as per the bid and relevance of the keyword. Advertisers are paid as per the agreed terms

Google Display Network: Another form of advertisement with search engine is the Google Display Network Advertisement in which textual or banner ads are displayed on various partner sites of Google or private websites that people runs. So, in this model the textual ads will be displayed not on the main SERP but on various partner websites that relates to the theme of the product advertiser is selling.

Paid Social: Social media is gaining huge traction these days and people invest a huge part of their daily life interacting through social media. Viewing the marketing potential that a social network possess is overwhelming and hence every portal comes up with an opportunity for businesses to advertise their product or services. So we can say that this model is all about paying for your ad to be seen on major social networking site LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

SEM marketing Delhi, India
SEM Agency Delhi, India

Some Major Pricing Models of SEM are

Viewing the complexity and technicalities that this field demands it is important to partner with a company that knows every ins and outs of SEM industry and this is why we are here for. Should you are looking for a true SEM service provider who could take care of all your search engine ad related campaign join hands with us and let us serve you once we are sure we will not disappoint you.

The engine Marketing SEM search (Search engine marketing) is the set of marketing activities to achieve certain objectives in the search engines (Search engine: search engines), both by improving the visibility of a website among the results of organic positioning, both the purchase of sponsored links or the mixture of both strategies or other campaign-related advertising and pay per click circuits.

The SEM is a set of methodologies aimed at improving the ranking of a site in the pages of the search engines or, in any case to improve accessibility through search engines.

The SEM (Search engine marketing) also refers to the profession and work undertaken by consultants SEM Optimization projects have websites of their clients in order to improve the number of visits and outcomes or the planning of campaigns advertising based on keywords.

SEO - Process

Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot of helpful information, as well as a lot of misinformation, floating around regarding search engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). First of all, let’s start with the names: SEO stands for search engine Optimization (or optimization if you’re from the States). In its simplest form SEO is the process of tailoring a website (text, titles, meta tags, alt tags, etc.) so that the search engines will assign a good rank to the site for specific search terms.

The objective of search engine marketing (SEM) are

    • Increased visits to obtain:
    • Increase the skills of the users of a particular website
    • Increased contacts.
    • Increased sales.
    • Search and investigation of new potential customers.
    • Growth of the mark.
    • Strengthened brand or website.
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